About Us - Who the Heck Are We?

Brian Pastor- Co-Owner, Master-Pourer and Dad

Brian is the force behind the creation of You Melt Me. His job is pretty stressful. Do you love roller coasters and other theme park attractions? Chances are he or members of the company he works for have programmed it to keep you safe. Due to the stress this job entails, he started pouring wax melts as a stress reliever. The rest is history! When he's not traveling for work or pouring wax melts, you can find him at theme parks with his family or planning his next Christmas light display,


Jen Pastor - Co-Owner, Mom Boss and Mom

Jen is currently a stay at home mom due to Brian's crazy travel schedule. So she fills the orders, preps for shows, thinks of names, pours some melts and makes a mess. She enjoys the chance to get her creativity flowing again, and is totally responsible for adding more and more scents that drives Brian crazy! 


Stellan (a.k.a Stelly) - Official Box Artist, Quality Control

Stellan is responsible for any super cool box art on your order. He's also the 'honest nose' behind some of our scents. He's not afraid to tell you if it's stinky. When he's not learning things at school, he's riding roller coasters, spin and puke rides, kicking butt at taekwando or playing baseball. 


Parker the dog Pastor- Office Dog

Parker. He's our dog. He doesn't pour melts but we like to use his face to promote them sometimes because he's just cute. When he's not taking a nap, you can find him chewing on Brian's slippers, Stellan's Spiderman action figures or trying to drink our coffee.